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Each Thursday I meet with a group of beautiful, dedicated Christians for an in-depth bible study called Precepts. It's led by a fantastic teacher who encourages, is a strong leader, is straight to the point, fosters discussion, is knowledgable, and well, she's just the best! The Precept program teaches God's word scripture by scripture, line by line, precept upon precept.

Part of our homework is marking specific keywords in the Bible with a color, a simple drawing over the word, or both. This enables you to quickly look at sections of text to see what God is saying. It's also a good memory aid. For example, GOD and all His pronouns are drawn with a purple triangle and filled in with yellow. God is three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, thus the triangle and yellow for light. Sins and transgressions are scribbled over in brown. Sacrifices or blood references are three red dots over the word. All geographic locations are double underlined in green. As the study progresses, more keywords are added. I purchased a bible just to mark it up and it is a mess!

Since I started this class in 2016 my knowledge has increased beyond what I thought I was capable of understanding. Seeing how God works with imperfect men (and women) has given me a new perspective and an exciting journey with Him. I used to think of Noah, Moses, Abraham, etc. as these great men whom I could never possibly measure up to. You know what? Until I did a deep dive into the Word, I didn't realize how flawed all these "Greats" of the bible were. God has been showing us since the beginning that His will prevails in spite of our deficiencies. He even uses weakness to show His strength. We don't have to be perfect, just willing.

Last year we decided to undertake Revelation, a two-year commitment. We started with 2 Thessalonians, then moved on to Daniel chapters 1-6; now we're beginning 2020 with chapters 7-12 of Daniel. Wow-wow-wow, is all I can say. It certainly puts world events into clearer focus. I encourage you all to prepare yourselves. The world is dissolving into chaos at a frightening speed.

Thanks to my good friend, C for suggesting this idea for my project. Today was the perfect day for it: raining and bible study.

23/36623/366Colored pencils for Precept bible study.

100mm | f/4.5 | ISO 800 | 1/200


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