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February 13, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

After bible study this morning I drove to LSU Rural Life Museum with the intention of getting a landscape shot. Several rows of bald cypress trees with yellow wildflowers growing beneath were begging to be photographed. The pics were meh, but I was mostly satisfied. Just to be sure, I drove closer to the museum entrance to see if anything else jumped out at me. But first I called to check in with an old friend, something I had been putting off for a while. Before calling her, I prayed that GOD would bless our conversation, that He would give me the right words and attitude, and I ended the prayer asking Him to bless me with a photo.

We were happily chatting for almost 30 minutes when all of a sudden a coyote appeared out of nowhere, about 30 yards in front of my vehicle. I blurted out a bad word (sorry GOD!) and told my friend I had to go and why. The coyote seemed to wait for me to get the long lens on, allowing me to get off a few shots. As he trotted off, I returned to the car and followed him on a gravel road. He stopped to mark his territory a few times and generally seemed to be taking a leisurely stroll. I followed him in my car for about 1/2 mile, shooting from the car window and also getting out to take shots. I have one of him looking towards me, but hubby and I agreed that this shot of him in action was the best. I was proud of myself for adjusting for the gloomy light conditions instead of freaking out like I usually do. 

GOD listens. I know in my heart that He answered my prayer. In all my years of visiting this place, I have NEVER seen a coyote. Thank You, GOD.

44/36644/366A GOD Thing

241mm | f/6.3 | ISO 800 | 1/500 sec


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