158/366 | Fountainebleau Sunset

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Yesterday, June 6, my friend and I took a late afternoon trip to Fountainebleau State Park, hoping and praying for a pretty sunset. We've been trying for a couple years now to see one, without success. Oh, there was that one time at a concert and our cameras were at home, of course.

C found a great place to grab some food a mile from the park; Nan's New Orleans Cafe and Poboys. YUM! We ate our poboys under the pavilion at the park while it rained, and our hopes were momentarily dashed. After eating, the rain eased, so we meandered to the pond close to the picnic tables. There, we found 5 baby gators who seemed happy to see us. That means people must be feeding them, which is a no-no. They were so cute though! After that we walked over to the sandy beach and photographed the cypress knees. Well, C photographed the knees while I took photos of people splashing and playing in the water. It was nice to see families enjoying the outdoors.

We then set off for Alligator Boardwalk. Before we got to the trail a big brown swamp rabbit was nibbling on grass, so we photographed him until he got spooked. Walking the trail was amazing. The rain had stopped and the temperature had gone down about 10 degrees. When we finally approached Alligator Boardwalk we were blessed with a rainbow! I only had enough time to capture it with my phone before it was gone.

Unfortunately, the area around the boardwalk has become terribly overgrown. There used to be little islands that made for a nice foreground, but the tall reeds and other aquatic plants now occupy all the surrounding water. So we marched back out to the iconic gazebo and took our shots there. The clouds were low for a while and we started to think our sunset plans were for nought, but lo and behold, little breaks appeared and the colors were absolutely beautiful. We said 'Thank you, God' and snapped away. A perfect day.

The end.

158/366158/366Fountainebleau Sunset
28mm | f/16 | ISO 100 | 1/4 sec


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