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June 26, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Two days ago I received a text from FedEx that I would be required to sign for my camera delivery. All day yesterday I waited. Around 7PM the truck parked across the street, the FedEx guy walked up to my door and unceremoniously placed the package on my doorstep, then walked away. I opened the door and said, "Don't I need to sign for this?" He waved me off saying, "No, you're good." Grrrrr All day I waited. Did I mention that? *angry emoji here*

After unpacking the equipment, I put the strap on, which required two Youtube videos because I can never remember exactly how to do it. The next important step was activating back button focus. After failing with several internet searches, I finally realized I could just look at my 5D Mark III and see what settings I used there. Duh!

Today I could not wait to try out the new gear. But 2020 has not been kind, and some happenings are on a biblical scale. Or so it feels. What am I talking about? Every year sands from the Sahara Desert make their way over to us and this year it's BAD. Of course. So not only was I dealing with flat, low light, I was inhaling sand. About an hour with the camera and then doing a brisk 9000 step walk when I got home and boy are my lungs screaming at me. 

I'm not convinced this camera is going to meet my standards. The fast shutter clicks, low noise at high ISO, and additional reach with the crop sensor are definitely improvements. I am disappointed in the focus, but that could be due to the horrid lighting conditions. Hopefully, the sandstorm passes, takes the rain with it, and I can put the camera to work. Right now, I'm underwhelmed with the 7D Mark II.

400mm | f/7.1 | ISO 1600 | 1/2500 sec


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