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Rarely do I plan my days. Since retiring 8 years ago, it's nice to wake up and say, 'What shall I do today?' No schedule, no demands, no time restraints. What I do depends upon my mood, energy level and weather.

Today I decided to head over to the old country store in St. Gabriel where I spent much of my childhood. First, I passed by my grandparents' home which has been relocated to Bayou Paul Lane, just before River Road. The house itself looks okay, but the exterior has junk piles lying all over the property, like a hoarder lives there. My grandmother would hate that. I still miss that old house.

Barthel's (bar-TEL's/h is silent) was where my mother and I would stop for snacks and a coke before heading to my grandparents' place. I clearly remember going straight to the big barrel filled with ice and different 'cold drinks' as we called them. I always chose Dr. Pepper. This was a treat because my mother was a fanatic about my drinking only water or milk. And I HATED milk. So a salty treat and a sweet drink on a hot, humid day was special.

After I took pics of the store, I went to the old property. Weeds have overtaken the place. It was hard to even tell where the old driveway was. Sad. My Uncle Jay owns half of it now and his brother (the one who shot my white rabbit in cold blood) owns the other half. Uncle Jay is aging, his wife is in an assisted living facility, and the Wuhan hoax has created the perfect storm: he can't get anyone out to mow. He doesn't have the equipment and the one guy who used to do it won't leave the house because the 'gubmint' said to stay inside. *Sigh* 

184/366184/366Barthel's Store
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