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When we went to bed last night, I was not sure what we would awaken to. The weather experts predicted possible storm surges of more than 15' around the Lake Charles/Gulf Coast area. The graph showed the hurricane tracking west of us, so I was fairly certain we were out of the danger zone. But, you never know. I said a heartfelt prayer for God to protect us all, and to have mercy on those in Laura's path. 

Our area was spared. It looks like Cameron and Lake Charles took the brunt of Laura's power, the eye passing right over Cameron. Thankfully, the storm surges did not happen. She landed as a Category 4, then weakened as she continued on. The Isle of Carpi casino boat broke from its mooring and crashed into a bridge on I-10. The city is also battling chemical fires. At this point in time, it appears there were four fatalities. My heart hurts for the loss of life, and destruction of homes and businesses. Please pray for all those affected.

This is what it looked like from my front door around 9:45AM. After surveying the yard, only a few scraggly limbs succumbed to the winds. Very, very thankful. Since moving here 8 years ago, we have been so fortunate. My husband always makes light of the forecasters and predictions. I lived through Camille as a child, not knowing if my mom was okay since I was home alone without power or a phone. To experience a monster storm like that stays with you. It leaves an indelible mark. I tell my husband, "It just takes one."

240/366240/366After Laura
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