273/366 | Hungry Hungry Hummer

September 29, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

We were blessed with blue, sunny skies and cool temps this morning. Knowing the early morning sun would be illuminating the wildflower patch at Burden Gardens, I headed out around 9AM. I had one goal in mind: capturing a Hummingbird feeding from a flower.

Remembering my bee sting and ant bites from yesterday, I carefully observed from one spot, determined to get "the" shot. Unfortunately, a lively group of ladies drove up, spilling out of their cars, laughing and greeting one another loudly, just as I had claimed my area, scaring off my subject. I was happy that they seemed joyful to see one another, so with that in mind, I tried to keep my annoyance in check. Finally, they moved off, then two sets of grandparents and what appeared to be a mother with her two children came on the scene. Sigh. I was really wishing the-powers-that-be at Burden Gardens had not put the Monarch Way Station right by the children's garden. So the children behaved as children do and my precious Ruby-throat made him/herself scarce.

Despite the intrusions, my subject came in for brief moments helping me get a few useable shots, but nothing special. In between I was chatting with God, mostly asking for grace and patience. I thought of my walk with Him and how sometimes I feel like giving up. My faith is so thin sometimes, and I'm ashamed of that. The group of ladies and family had finally dispersed to other areas leaving me alone, and I kept waiting for better opportunities. The little hummer became more and more scarce, and after an hour and a half, my back was aching while the sun baked the backs of my legs. Just as I was feeling let down and ready to pack it up, my little hummer returned and began feeding right in front of me on a porterweed. Perhaps God was saying, "Hang in there, don't give up. Your reward is coming." 

273/366273/366Hungry Hungry Hummer 400mm | f/7.1 | ISO 400 | 1/800 sec


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