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American White Ibis among the cypress kneesAmerican White Ibis groomingAmerican White Ibis in the cypressAmerican White Ibis juvenile groomingAmerican White Ibis LaFreniere ParkAmerican White Ibis on one legAmerican White Ibis on rockAmerican White Ibis portraitAmerican White Ibis rock poseAmerican White Ibis with a big catchAmerican White Ibis with large stickAmerican White PelicanAmerican White Pelican 2022-6243American White Pelican breaking awayAmerican White Pelican Brief 1American White Pelican Brief 2American White Pelican invasionAmerican White Pelican soft landingAmerican White Pelican trio over LSU LakesAmerican White Pelican with pelican bokeh